Collection of glass from commercial venues

Collection of glass from commercial venues

Packaging waste recovery organizations build and improve systems for separate collection of packaging waste in the municipalities. A large part of the packaging waste is generated at the commercial premises of restaurants, hotels, bars etc., which are obliged to organize the separate collection of the waste.

We, Eco Partners, always strive to offer businesses one of the most favourable and high-quality services as well as of the most advanced and effective activities for separate collection of waste. For this purpose, we developed a glass crushing machine which helps us collect and recycle glass from commercial premises.

With this innovation on the Bulgarian market, we facilitate business owners in their obligation for separate waste collection. We not only provide the machine for free, but also transport and ensure the recycling of the collected crushed glass. The machine’s compact size guarantee convenience for pubs, bars, etc, and having their bottles crushed, the places save space and further guarantee for the quality of the sold beverages. The preparatory crushing of the glass optimizes the costs and decreases the emissions from transporting to the recycling facility, as well as favors the recycling process.

The glass crushing machine is safety-certified and is equipped with modern software developed by us.  Data of each machine’s operation is available to Eco Partners in a web portal. Here we receive data on the quantities of crushed and collected glass by each machine which allows us to optimize transportation. The system gives immediate signals in case of misuse or disfunctions and activates multiple security locks.

You can take a look at the most important and interesting features of the glass crushing machine and the service we offer in our short presentation by clicking on the picture or here.

We know that managing the waste flow is one of the dirtiest and most unpleasant tasks in your business. We will help you save space on your premises, as well as time and effort!

We are ready to adapt our service to your specific needs!

At the moment we are developing this activity in the areas of Sofia, Pernik, Pleven, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo and Varna. We will soon be able to offer it for other regions as well.

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