Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Policy

“Good people don’t need laws to behave properly “


The management of Eco Partners is committed to developing its business honestly and responsibly, contributing to its business development and meeting its goals for improving the conditions for waste recycling in Bulgaria, but at the same time contributing to improving the life of the local community and society in general, as well as their its employees and their families.

The main feature of corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the voluntary principle. According to the European Commission’s Green Paper, “by declaring their social responsibility and voluntarily undertaking obligations that go beyond the general legal and customary requirements that must be met in all cases, companies are striving to raise standards for social development, environmental protection and respect for fundamental rights and agree to implement open governance, align with the interests of all stakeholders in a common approach to quality and sustainability.”

Environmental protection

We are fully aware of our responsibility as an organization whose activities are directly related to sustainable development and environmental protection. This is our mission and we work sincerely believing in it. However, limiting corporate policy to recycling and environmental protection alone would not be enough to call ourselves a socially responsible company.

In addition to our legal obligations to organize and conduct information campaigns and events aimed at raising citizens’ environmental awareness and promoting separate collection, the company is committed to complying with the following principles:

  • Developing and promoting the use of electronic communication tools in the daily operations of the company and minimizing paper documents.
  • Separate waste collection at Eco Partners’ offices.
  • Use of recycled paper and materials in the company’s operations.
  • Creating incentives for employees to use bicycles and urban transport on a daily basis.
  • Encouraging and supporting the separate collection of waste in the offices and bases of the members of the organization.
  • Organizing joint “green” corporate initiatives with our organization’s member

Human capital and working conditions

The most valuable resource of our company is its employees. Retention and development of the human capital is a top priority of the management committed to unconditionally adhering to the following principles:

  • Ensuring healthy and safe working conditions for employees.
  • Compliance with labor and social security legislation and social rights of the employees.
  • Providing a friendly working environment and amenities at the company’s offices.
  • Developing programs for objective and fair payment.
  • Promoting direct and immediate communication between management and employees.
  • Programs and initiatives to create a sense of commitment and belonging to the company’s goals and image.
  • Extra social benefits for the employees in order to increase their motivation.
  • Recognizing the contribution of each employee.
  • Ensuring conditions for training and development.
  • Indisputable respect for human rights, without discrimination of any kind.

Corporate support for socially responsible initiatives

Eco Partners strives to respond adequately to the social problems and to continuously increase the positive impact of the business on society. That is why we are committed to supporting socially responsible initiatives and organizations, thus integrating our intrinsic activities to promote separate collection to the benefit of vulnerable groups of society. Our participation is based on the voluntary principle, through the provision of company resources, know-how, personal work and donations from employees, etc.

In order to fulfill these commitments, the company is committed to adhering to the following principles:

  • Forming and maintaining long-term partnerships with voluntary and charitable organizations, NGOs, etc. involved in socially significant issues.
  • Striving to motivate the member companies of our organization to participate in joint charity initiatives.
  • Encouraging company’s employees to participate in voluntary and charitable initiatives.
  • Socially responsible investments.
  • PR activities with a social impact.

Corporate sustainability

The continuous improvement of the systems for separate collection of packaging waste in the settlements we serve and the improvement of our services are our main priority, which we cannot achieve without the active involvement of all stakeholders – citizens, municipal and state institutions and businesses. That is why we strive to encourage direct communication with them in their day-to-day business, taking into account and analyzing all recommendations for improving our work and implementing those that show capacity for sustainable development.

To fulfill these commitments, the company is committed to adhering to the following principles:

  • Promoting and facilitating the communication with the stakeholders.
  • Regular analysis of received information, signals and recommendations.
  • Fast and adequate response to a specific signal related to our activity.
  • Maintaining high corporate standards of communication.
  • Requirements for the subcontractors to comply with company’s communication standards.
  • Loyalty, politeness and corporate responsibility.