With a traveling exhibition, we reveal the path of waste

A traveling photo exhibition about the benefits of separate waste collection “I can be” went on tour in our municipalities. The exhibition tells about the new life that is given to waste after it is recycled and the treatment processes that waste goes through after it ends up in the colorful containers. With the campaign,

“Give “Pet” campaign will give prizes in schools in Gorna Oryahovitsa municipality

After the great start of the “Give “Pet”: School race” campaign in the municipality of Gabrovo, where 11 schools recycled 1,260 kg. waste and won great prizes, we say “Give “Pet”” to the municipality of Gorna Oryahovitsa as well. During the entire month of March this year, 10 schools in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa

We are continuing the campaign with GiftCard prizes in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo this year!

Dear friends, we are happy to inform you that we are continuing this year our campaign with prizes in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo. Continue to hand over separately collected plastic bottles of drinks up to 3 liters to the separate waste collection site in the Cholakovtsi quarter at 9B Dulga Laka Street and to

Eco Partners’ separate collection systems will also include collection of glass waste at source

We at Eco Partners Bulgaria AD claim to create modern and efficient systems for the separate collection of packaging waste. One of our projects that we are very proud of is our own development of a machine for collecting glass waste at source – restaurants and other commercial establishments. This is the first solution of

iCard and Eco Partners for the perfect gift

Dear friends, we know from experience that one of the best gifts is a GiftCard – it gives its holder complete freedom to gift himself exactly what will please him the most. But we also know from experience that even this small gift has an impact on the environment. iCard, the creators of GiftCard, as

Eco Partners collects separately at Whiskey Fest Sofia 2022

This year Eco Partners is the green partner of Whiskey Fest Sofia 2022, which will be held on October 7, 8 and 9, at the Sofia Event Center. Fun is guaranteed, as is the copious amount of premium whiskey consumed and, as a result, the many empty glass bottles. We will provide bins for separate

First campaign of Eco Partners in Pleven

On June 4 for the first time we will visit Pleven with an information campaign for the separate collection. We have prepared many games and surprises for children and adults. On the square in front of the municipality, each visitor will be able to learn more about separate waste collection, and there will be prizes

“Clean and green Blagoevgrad! It depends on us!”

The large-scale cleaning campaign in the municipality of Blagoevgrad – “Clean and green Blagoevgrad! It depends on us!”, unites the people of Blagoevgrad again in a common cause. The big cleaning will be officially started on May 14 at 10.00. After a long break, the team of Mayor Ilko Stoyanov is resuming the campaign, and

With a mobile station we improve the separate collection in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo

With another initiative we will improve the separate collection of packaging waste in the municipality of Veliko Tarnovo! A mobile station for separate collection of packaging waste will start operating this weekend. You will recognize the nice bus of Eco Partners, which on Saturdays and Sundays will visit all residential areas of Veliko Tarnovo on

Add barcodes and win prizes with Eco Partners App!

On March 11 we launch our new campaign related to the mobile application Eco Partners App! At the end of 2021, the Ordinance on reducing the impact of certain plastic products on the environment was adopted, which has been in force since the beginning of this year! It sets a requirement to improve the separate

Free Business Guide: Disposable plastics ban

Download the free guide and find out what are the banned and restricted disposable plastic products, what alternatives exist, what are the requirements for industrial design and more useful information.   The changes The ban on single-use plastics in the European Union entered into force on 3 July 2021 through Directive (EC) 2019/904 – on

A site for separate waste collection starts working in Veliko Tarnovo

The long-awaited site for separate waste collection, which we built together with the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, will start operating today. As of today, the residents of Veliko Tarnovo and the municipality will be able to hand over separately collected packaging waste from paper, plastic, metal and glass. With the help of an electronic scale

Hamburger Recycling Group and Eco Partners Bulgaria celebrate 5 years of partnership in Bulgaria

In December 2021, the European leader in paper and packaging recycling HAMBURGER RECYCLING GROUP and the Bulgarian packaging waste recovery organization ECO PARTNERS BULGARIA celebrated five years since the beginning of their joint work in Bulgaria. The successful partnership between the two organizations is in the field of developing various efficient and cost-effective solutions and

Eco Partners continues its activities as usual!

Dear members, partners, contractors and supporters, Thank you! The last 3 weeks have been heavy and filled with initial shock, followed by anger at a specific deliberate action that tried to stop the momentum with which we imposed a change in the packaging waste recovery system. We would like to inform you that to date

Statement of the management of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD

In connection with the information disseminated by the Ministry of Environment and Water for revocation of the permit of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD for carrying out activity as a recovery organization, we would like to inform our members, partners, contractors and supporters that we have taken all legal measures for challenging and revoking this act,

Eco Partners App – the digital assistant in separate collection

Recycling is only possible if the waste is collected separately – and correctly! As easy as it may sound in theory, separate collection of packaging waste is still a challenge for our society that we should not underestimate. But our work is focused on tackling this challenge! We have created a mobile application that will

Eco Partners with its first large-scale investment in intelligent separate waste collection

Friends, if you follow our activity, you know that we are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services for businesses and residents of municipalities. Part of achieving our goals is to look for and identify potential new opportunities for this, relying on innovative technological solutions created specifically for this purpose, or creating our

Eco Partners collects separately at Peika Urban Park Fest in Pernik

The first park fest “Peika” starts in Pernik. From the 3rd to the 5th of September Pernik will become an attractive party point for all music lovers. The festival will be held in three locations – Central Park, Western Park and Pernik Fortress. There will be three stages, where four parties will take place, which

EcoGames in Elena municipality

In the picturesque Balkan municipality of Elena this year we organize EcoGames, together with the municipal program Children’s Summer Academy. On July 16 we will have fun with interesting and educational games, from which children will learn a lot about packaging waste and its proper separate collection! Before noon we will be in the village

International Danube day

The Danube River is the most international river in the world and one of the largest river systems in Europe! The river flows through 10 countries and collects its waters from as many as 19. On June 29, we celebrate a special day dedicated to the Danube, along with all other countries in the Danube

XII Green Forum of Manager magazine with the support of Eco Partners

On June 22, 2021, in the Vitosha Hall of the Inter Expo Center, the XII Green Forum of the Manager magazine was held. Green transformation is becoming a key concept for the future of the world. The vision of business and institutions in our country for sustainable production and consumption, strategies for carbon neutrality and

Contest for art from waste materials in Elena

We present to you the first initiative that we support in the municipality of Elena – a contest for art from waste materials. The competition is organized by the City Library of Elena, and Eco Partners motivates the participants in the competition with eco prizes. Eco-artists from all children’s institutions in the municipality of Elena

5 new municipalities for Eco Partners

We have built and started servicing systems for separate collection of packaging waste in 3 new municipalities – Gabrovo, Zlataritsa and Elena, and soon we are placing yellow and green containers in the municipalities of Tryavna and Lyaskovets. We have improved our containers to make separate disposal even easier and more attractive to citizens, and

Marathon Varna 2021 with the support of Eco Partners

For another year one of the largest and most interesting sporting events in the municipality of Varna – Marathon Varna 2021, was held with our support. The marathon brought great sports emotions to Varna residents and guests of the city and, of course, to all participants who took part in this great challenge. See all

We launch “Eco School” campaign

This year, due to the measures related to Covid-19, the educational process underwent many changes and had to quickly adapt to working remotely. The conduct of educational activities in schools and kindergartens by outsiders is limited. Fortunately, education is being modernized and adapted to new working conditions, starting to use more and more different virtual

Eco Partners – Green Partner to Pernik Municipality

On October 19th, the day of St. Ivan Rilski, Pernik celebrates its town holiday. This year Eco Partners had the exceptional honor to be awarded the Green Partner of Pernik Municipality prize. Thank you, Pernik Municipality for the praise you gave us for our work. It is a pleasure for us to be eco partner

Eco Partners presented an innovation at “Manager” magazine’s XI Green Forum

Eco Parners Bulgaria AD was a major partner of the eleventh edition of the Green Forum of “Manager” magazine, which took place on September 24 this year. Europe’s ambition for a carbon-neutral and circular economy by 2050 remains a key message in the European Commission’s proposed Next Generation EU Recovery Fund. A leading theme of

XI Green Forum of “Manager” Magazine organized in partnership with ECO PARTNERS BULGARIA

Europe, Bulgaria and the transition to responsible growth Date: 24 September, 2020 Location: Platform A6 Start time: 10.30 am Format: Half-day forum with discussion, conferencing, and presentations Audience: Representatives of the relevant ministries, mayors of municipalities, leaders of leading technology companies and extractive/extracting/mining enterprises, organizations operating in the field of ecology, separate collection of waste,

The book “What a waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting Our Planet” in Bulgarian

We are happy to announce an initiative that is happening with our help! The world bestseller “What a waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting Our Planet” by author Jess French, can now be found on the Bulgarian market published in Bulgarian by “Raketa” publishing house, with Eco Partner’s support! “What a waste: Trash, Recycling, and Protecting

MOEW confirmed the fulfilment of our obligations in 2019

The Audit Report of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD for 2019 was considered by the Commission for verification of the reports, appointed by the Minister of Environment and Water and by Order № РД-351 of 04.05.2020, we again received recognition for a job well done. We have exceeded our members’ recovery and recycling targets for packaging

Keep Earth clean – A lesson on packaging waste

Ecology educational campaigns are an important part of our activity. Every spring and fall we visit schools and preschools, presenting lessons and playing games with children of different age with the intention to convey our knowledge on the importance of environmental protection. Of course we are focused on the benefits of separate collection of packaging

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Eco Partners!

Happy Birthday to Eco Partners Bulgaria AD! Thank you for making Bulgaria a cleaner, more beautiful, and better place for three years already! ♻️

International Danube Day

Upcoming is one of the days we celebrate with joy and care each year, the International Day of the Danube River, June 29th! This year again we are going to be partners of with Waste Free Oceans, Bulgaria Cap Project and the Danube Region Basin Directorate in as many as 11 coastal clearing events at

Let’s celebrate the International Children’s Day and the World Environment Day with Eco Games

Dear friends, upcoming is the International Children’s Day, June 1st, and the World Environment Day, June 5th. Have you decided how to please the children and contribute to nature conservation? We can offer 2 in 1 for the festive day we are preparing! On June 4th and 5th we are going to play ECO GAMES

Eco Partners Bulgaria AD – a reliable partner of business and municipalities

The Audit Report of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD for 2018 was considered by the Commission for verification of the reports, appointed by the Minister of Environment and Water and by Order № РД-386 of 15.05.2019, confirmed: Eco Partners Bulgaria AD proved to be reliable partners of the business and the municipalities. We have fulfilled the

Happy Easter!

With today’s Great and Holy Thursday, we congratulate you on the coming Easter holidays! May we be meek and humble, grateful for the love of our loved ones. We look forward to gathering around the festive mass, but it is not the food that makes Easter so special, but the feeling of abundance that brings

STUBS OFF – Dispose of the waste on its proper place!

STUBS OFF – Dispose of the Waste on its Proper Place! is a large-scale action to clean up polluted sites across the country, which will take place on April 6, Saturday. The organizer, BIS – Charity and Sport, started with the idea of cleaning Varna beach from its cigarette stubs, but quickly expanded the initiative to

Clean and green Blagoevgrad! It is up to us!

This Saturday, April 6th, the Blagoevgrad Spring Cleaning Campaign starts! The opening at 10:30 a.m. on Macedonia Square will be charged with music and great enthousiasm! As a partner of the municipality, we, Eco Partners, support this campaign by providing the necessary materials for the cleaning and subsequent disposal and recovery of the waste. Other

Happy Birthday to Eco Partners!

Happy second birthday to Eco Partners ! In our first year, we made our first steps, and in the second, we are climbing confidently to the peaks. Our ambition to offer profitable and quality services to the business, and to the citizens – knowledge and a good example of environmental protection, guided us forward throughout

Eco Enlightener campaign

Dear friends, let us celebrate the National Enlighteners Day! We offer you an eco-enlightenment with the Eco Enlightener! On the day of the National Enlighteners Day, November 1st, in Varna we will exchange plastic packaging waste for knowledge. We, Eco Partners, have prepared vouchers for purchases from Ciela’s bookstore network nationwide and from the online

Eco Partners became member of Bulgarian Industrial Association

Eco Partners is already a member of the Bulgarian Industrial Assiciation. On September 20th, Mrs. Antonia Spasova presented our organization at the meeting of the Management Board, at which our application was approved. We thank BIA for the trust and are convinced that we will have fruitful cooperation. We are committed to helping businesses make

Green Marathon 2018

GREEN MARATHON is the challenge of the Ustrem Cycling Club for all lovers of mountain biking and forest running. On September 30th, 2018, the largest seaside sporting event will be held this year on the large lawn above Aladja Monastery. In addition to the racing disciplines of varying lengths of routes, the organizers have prepared

#WeAreEco and give prizes to others like us

Eco Partners invites you: Tell us about the green practices in your office and get a gift from us! We believe that each and every one of us should strive to contribute little by little to nature conservation. Modern people spend most of their time in the office. Therefore, we want to encourage you to

World Clean Up Day – September 15th, 2018

This year, millions of people from all over the world will get united in the largest civic movement ever – World Cleaning Day, 2018 For the first time, local environmental cleanup campaigns have grown into something so big! Planet Earth is the home of all mankind and we are all responsible for it to be clean!

On June 29 we celebrate the International Danube Day

On 29 June, the international day of the Danube river is celebrated. Since ancient times, the river has played a crucial role in shaping the geopolitical, economic, social and natural-geographical features of most of Europe, flowing through and passing along 10 countries today, collecting its waters from the territories of even more countries, and finally

World Environment Day at the National Palace of Culture

The World Environment Day was celebrated yesterday at the National Palace of Culture in the presence of over 100 children. The theme of this year’s celebration of the Day was “Let’s Beat Plastic Pollution!” The organizers of the event, RIEW-Sofia and the National Palace of Culture, had prepared an interesting program including amusing, educational games

Awarded in the Eco Partner contest are:

We thank everyone who participated in the Eco Partner Photo and Video Contest. The photos and videos you sent us are inspiring! We are glad that you have a responsible attitude towards the environment and we congratulate you on the creativity with which you have presented it visually. We are pleased to announce the award

Eco Partners proved worthy of the trust of its members and the municipalities served

The Audit Report of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD for 2017 was considered by the Commission for verification of the reports, appointed by the Minister of Environment and Water and by Order № РД-285 of 15.05.2018, hereby confirmed: Eco Partners Bulgaria AD proved worthy of the trust of its members and the municipalities served.  We have

Eco Partner photo and video contest

On the occasion of World Environment Day, June 5, we launch a competition to provoke you to be our true eco-partners! You may be most concerned about the quality of the air, and you may care about the cleanliness of rivers and seas, or else you are worried about how organisms live in polluted soil,

Eco Partners on a spring education tour

On the road again! We will visit schools and kindergartens to acquaint children with the environmental issues associated with packaging production and use, and the benefits and rules for separate disposal of packaging waste. This spring – which is the time when we celebrate the World Water Day, Earth Hour, Forest Week, International Earth Day,

Smart containers in action

Dear friends, it has been only two months since the idea arose of striking a partnership with the ConnectedBin project team, funded under CLIMATE-KIC ACCELERATOR BULGARIA’ 2017, and we are happy to inform you that the test under the project have already begun. In our containers in the town of Pernik, installed were 7 devices

Eco Partners are testing a pilot design of smart containers technology

It has been one year since Eco Partners started operating in the municipalities. We are starting the new one with confidence that our systems are functioning at a very good level, but the focus of our future activity is their constant optimization. Our policy is innovation-oriented, because our dynamic technological time provides unlimited opportunities, and

Eco Partners turns 1 year old

Today Eco Partners is celebrating its first anniversary. The first year is always special. For us, this was a time filled with many new challenges. Today, we are proud of having successfully passed the toddler period and have a growing confidence that we are already walking boldly Many things happened during this year we want

Our educational tour started in Varna and Blagoevgrad

The first schools we visited as part of our campaign for a Cleaner School were in Varna and Blagoevgrad. “A. S. Pushkin” High School for Foreign Languages, “Zahari Stoyanov” Secondary School and “Vasil Levski” Primary School, in Varna, and 7th Secondary Schools “Kuzman Shapkarev” and 11th “Hristo Botev” Primary School, in Blagoevgrad, hosted our events

The Eco Enlightener campaign on the National Enlighteners Day enjoyed by the young and the elderly

The Eco Enlightener campaign we ran organized in Varna on the Day of the National Enlighteners brought together children and adults united by their love of knowledge and care for the environment. Varna residents delivered 5 tons of plastic and paper packaging waste and earned nearly 1,000 purchase vouchers from Ciela bookstores. The atmosphere was

Launching our first educational initiative for children

Eco Partners, in collaboration with municipalities and schools, has launched an educational campaign for a cleaner school. The main objective of the campaign is to inform students from the maximum number of schools, in more than eight Bulgarian cities, about the negative impact of indiscriminate use of natural resources on the environment and people, and

We are collecting plastic bottle caps for better future of Bulgarian children

On October 28 this year, we are supporting the Lazar Radkov Foundation’s Caps for the Future initiative. They are resuming the periodic collection of plastic caps, the proceeds from sale of which will be used to buy a neonatal bedstad for the hospital in Cherven Bryag, which needs one. We will join ensuring logistical support

Eco Partners will be Eco Enlightener on the National Enlighteners Day

On Wednesday, November 1st 2017, the National Enlighteners’ Day, we are launching our first Eco Enlightener campaign. In partnership with Ciela Bookstores and Varna Port, we will be giving away vouchers for the purchase of books in return for plastic and paper packaging waste that we will be recycled. In this way, the visitors to

Eco Partners is a partner of bTV for cleaner Bulgaria

Dear friends, we are pleased to inform you that Eco Partners is a partner of bTV in the campaign “Let’s Clean Bulgaria Together”, which will be held on September 16th 2017. We will support the initiative by providing colored sacks, gloves, transportation and recovery of packaging waste collected in our municipalities. We will get involved

Eco Partners for “Manager” magazine

The emergence of Eco Partners on the Bulgarian market has created more favorable conditions for the business and grants a fruitful partnership between the state, the recycling sector and the citizens. You can read more about us in Manager Magazine, issue no. 5, 2017. The interview with Antonia Spasova, a procurator at Eco Partners Bulgaria

The colored municipalities of Eco Partners

We have placed containers for separate collection of packaging waste and are starting to service them in Blagoevgrad municipality. Among our colored municipalities are Pernik, Gorna Oryahovitsa and the entire area of our seaside capital, Varna. We are planning to place beautiful colored containers in Breznik, Zemen, Svishtov and more. Be responsible environmentally responsible. Dispose

Eco Partners was partner of Phoenix 10 rhythmic gymnastics tournament

Eco Partners was a guest and partner of the Phoenix International Cup of Rhythmic Gymnastics 2017, organized by the Sofia Phoenix 10 Rhythmic Gymnastics Club During the three days, from May 12 to May 14, in the small hall of the Arena Armeec, we enjoyed the wonderful performances of the girls who took part –

Shares of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD – Notification

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, this is to inform you that the Company gives the opportunity to all interested parties under Art. 14 of the WMA placing packaged goods on the market to acquire shares in the Company. Liable to future sale are the number and type of shares of par value as described in the

Successful start for Eco Partners

A month after obtaining the permit to operate with packaging waste, Eco Partners has signed final contracts with 11 municipalities, with a total population of over 720,000 people. The organization develops its programs in close cooperation with the responsible persons in the municipal administrations in order to ensure the optimal functioning of the systems and