Statement of the management of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD

In connection with the information disseminated by the Ministry of Environment and Water for revocation of the permit of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD for carrying out activity as a recovery organization, we would like to inform our members, partners, contractors and supporters that we have taken all legal measures for challenging and revoking this act, issued intentionally, after a series of unlawful acts by the Ministry. We are convinced that the Bulgarian court will immediately stop the self-dispute to which our organization has been subjected. Despite the attack, we will continue to fulfill our obligations and will not allow a breakdown in the system of recovery, recycling and separate collection of packaging waste in the municipalities, and we will not jeopardize the comprehensive service of our members.

Eco Partners Bulgaria AD has always complied with the laws and regulations in force on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union and will assert its rights by all permitted means.

You can get acquainted with the official position of the management here (Bulgarian): Official statement of the management of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD