Undertaking the obligations of companies
for packaging waste recycling and recovery

ECO PARTNERS offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for fulfilling the obligations of its members under the Waste Management Act and the Ordinance on Packaging and Packaging Waste.

ECO PARTNERS guarantees the fulfillment of the objectives of its members for recycling packaging waste, with maximum correctness and optimal price conditions. See our tariff.

ECO PARTNERS works with well-established recycling companies with whom they have long-lasting partnerships. See our recycling companies.

All enterprises which are partners of ECO PARTNERS have the necessary permits to carry out the relevant waste recovery activities.

Packaging waste management at our members'
production and logistics facilities

In order to facilitate its customers and provide greater security, ECO PARTNERS, through its subcontractors, provides its customers with integrated waste services, ensuring development and maintenance of systems for separate collection of packaging waste from the production and logistics facilities of our members. This approach leads to a tangible reduction in the servicing cost of the payment of the recovery fees.

Online packaging reporting system

In order to minimize paper usage and to facilitate and optimize the data exchange process between our members and the organization, Eco Partners has created a specially developed online reporting system that guarantees data confidentiality and holds the necessary security certifications.

Login to online reporting

The main functions of the system include:

  • Submission of annual estimates;
  • Filing (monthly, quarterly, or six-monthly) of the packages placed on the market;
  • Automatic generation of annual report;
  • Receiving and printing accounting documents – invoices, debit and credit notices;
  • Opportunity for getting information about past periods and exports (reported quantities of packages and amounts paid);
  • Receiving real-time information about the amount of the current obligation;
  • Access to all membership documents – the contract, annexes, supplementary agreements, certificates, etc.;

The organization’s experts provide introductory training, a test module, administrative controls, and access to employees designated by your representative.