Meeting the objectives

Meeting the objectives

  • Partners

    For the successful achievement of our members’ recovery objectives, we work with leading Bulgarian and international companies, including:


    Company Type of packaging waste
    Recycling center EOOD Plastics
    Interplast BG EOOD Plastics
    Max Recycling OOD Plastics
    Greentech S.A., Romania PLastics
    Hamburger Recycling Bulgaria EOOD Paper
    Hamburger Hungaria Ltd., Hungary Paper
    Rubin Trading AD Glass
    Eco Collection EOOD Wood
    Kronospan Bulgaria EOOD Wood
    Stomana Industry AD Metals
  • Meeting the Objectives

    Every year, Eco Partners Bulgaria AD submits, to the Minister of Environment and Waters, an Audit Report on their activity during the past year. After reviewing it, the Minister issues an Order confirming the meeting of their objectives in the recycling of packaging waste. The orders issued so far have established regular exceeding the objectives on the part of Eco Partners. We have recycled, in the previous years, the amounts of packaging placed on the market by our member companies as follows:

    Type of packaging Recycling Norms According To OPPW Reached by Eco Partners Bulgaria AD in 2017 Reached by Eco Partners Bulgaria AD in 2018 Reached by Eco Partners Bulgaria AD in 2019
    Plastics 22,5 % 47,44 % 28,33 % 28,77 %
    Paper and cardboard 60% 116,36  % 157,23 % 125,95 %
    Glass 60% 130,18 % 76,41 % 63,40 %
    Metals 50% 74,09 % 61,66 % 65,30 %
    Wood 15% 17,18 % 17,39 % 20,13 %