Packaging material Single fee amount for 2024 [BGN/kg.]
1 Plastics – Pl 0,130 
2 Plastic bottles of drinks up to 3 liters incl. – PL (PET) 0,140 
3 Paper and cardboard – PAP 0,130
4 Metals (steel etc.) – FE  0,070 
5 Aluminium – ALU 0,120
6 Wood – FOR 0,070
7 Glass – GL 0,155
8 Composite materials – C 0,160
9 Others 0,130 

All prices are excluding VAT

Guidelines for determining the fee:

The recovery fee for each packaging material shall be calculated by multiplying the quantity (in kilograms) of packages of the respective  material placed on the market during the relevant reporting period by the single fee amount for the respective material indicated in the Table.

The total recovery fee due is defined as the sum of the fees due for all packaging materials placed on the market during the relevant period.