Why choose us

Why choose us

ECO PARTNERS ensures to its members:


Eco Partners Bulgaria AD was issued Permit No. OOп-OO-7-00 / 05.12.2016 by the Minister of Environment and Waters for carrying out activities as a packaging waste recovery organization. The period of authorization is 5 years and is renewed before it expires.

The organization pursues a rigorous corporate policy for selection of subcontractors and all participants in the waste management process. All the companies we work with are proven in their respective field and our contractual terms provide all guarantees for strict compliance with their commitments.


ECO PARTNERS works with well-established companies for treatment and recycling of packaging waste.

All our partner companies have the necessary permits under the Waste Management Act to carry out the respective activities and are companies with well-established names on the Bulgarian and international recycling market.

ECO PARTNERS uses constructed sites and installations for storage, separation and pre-treatment of packaging waste in serviced municipalities with a total population of over 700,000 residents.

The innovative practices ranks ECO PARTNERS first in Bulgaria in the building of separate collection systems in the municipalities, through the use of specially modeled metal containers designed to the highest European standards.


ECO PARTNERS guarantees the fulfillment of its members’ objectives for recovery of packaging waste.

The activities of our shareholders and partners, which are also related to waste management, are a guarantee for our successful work as a recovery organization in terms of:

  • Participation as operators of regional landfills on the territory of the country (separation, composting, landfill, etc.).
  • Ownership of recycling facilities involving the recycling of different types of packaging materials.

Our shareholders, through equity participation or ownership in various recycling companies, are important contractors for the goals of other eco organizations in the country.


The experts of the organization assist the clients in the administrative servicing of the processes related to their membership in ECO PARTNERS. They provide assistance in the preparation of reports and information on the quantities of packaging, including consulting on the mandatory regulatory acts – Waste Management Act and the Ordinance on Packaging and Packaging Waste.