How to collect separately

How to collect separately

In order to optimize the waste utilization process it would be important to correctly throw away the packaging materials in the yellow and green containers for separate waste collection. This is how to do it:

The yellow container is used for packaging made of paper, plastics, and metals

Paper Boxes (cardboard), cardboard boxes (from laundry detergents, food products, medicines, and clothes), boxes for eggs, packing paper, envelopes, paper bags. Throw away the content of the paper packagings and fold them to reduce their volume.

Plastics: foil, cosmetic and food product boxes, yogurt cups, plastic bottles from beverages, bottles used for laundry detergents and dishwashing fluids, shampoos, hair lotion, and other cosmetics, nylon bags, nylon food trays, plastic caps. Throw away the content of the plastic packagings, wash them and crush them to reduce their volume.

Metals: Cans for beverages, tins, metal flasks for cosmetic products, metal foil, metal caps for glass jars and bottles. Empty the metal containers before throwing them away, wash them and crush the cans to reduce their volume.

Do not throw in:

  • Very contaminated packaging and paper; sanitary products, and wallpaper, motor oil bottles, containers that were used for dangerous chemicals marked as hazardous products, electronic printed circuit boards, flower pots, toys, and electrical appliances.

The green container is used for disposing of glass

Glass: Jars from preserved food and baby food, bottles from beverages and spirits, bottles for cosmetic products.

Before throwing away the glass containers empty them of their content and wash them. Discard the glass vessels without their caps

Do not throw in:

  • Window glass, very contaminated packaging or the packaging of dangerous chemicals, light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, household utensils and mirrors.
  • For convenience separate waste disposal should start at the moment when a product is unpacked.
  • At home or at your workplace you may set aside special baskets for disposal of waste for utilization.
  • Get information about other ways to save energy and resources if you want to contribute to the protection of the environment even more.
  • You can get more information also from the organization in your municipality that is in charge of separate waste collection.
  • Share with your family and friends all you have learned.