Eco Partners continues its activities as usual!

Dear members, partners, contractors and supporters,

Thank you!

The last 3 weeks have been heavy and filled with initial shock, followed by anger at a specific deliberate action that tried to stop the momentum with which we imposed a change in the packaging waste recovery system. We would like to inform you that to date the attempts Eco Partners Bulgaria AD to be discredited and subjected to speedy, unprecedented self-mutilation have been stopped by the Bulgarian court (please see the attached file).

With the issued act the court suspended the execution of the resolution of the Minister and as a result Eco Partners continues its normal activity. This allows us to implement all our projects and initiatives that we have started and which are the only ones of their kind in Bulgaria. On the legal side, we would like to inform you that the possibility to appeal the issued suspension order does not affect its implementation, ie. as of today the initial situation from before the issuance of the act is restored and the permission of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD is fully valid for the period for which it has been extended – 31.12.2026.

In addition, we would like to inform you that today our team held an official meeting with Mr. Borislav Sandov – Minister of Environment and Water, where we introduced the new leadership to the case. We have been assured that the Ministry of Environment and Water will not allow the situation to affect our members in any way. The Minister undertook to investigate the case in detail and to issue a specific opinion in the coming days. We received an understanding of the seriousness of the situation and the absurd situation in which companies and municipalities are placed, especially in the last month of the year and the last days of the caretaker Minister. The operational approach of Mr. Borislav Sandov is a strong positive sign and we are seriously hopeful that the situation will be assessed adequately and responsibly, for which we express our official gratitude to him and his team.

We did not give up and did not give up even for a moment to fulfill our obligations to you and all 20 municipalities. Since its establishment in December 2016 until today, Eco Partners Bulgaria AD has built systems for separate collection of packaging waste throughout the country, covering more than 800,000 inhabitants, serving more than 3,200 metal containers for separate collection with a total volume of 5,400,000 liters. We have invested over BGN 3,000,000 in projects and activities related to digitalization and improvement of separate collection in Bulgaria. A fact that has not been achieved in this short period and clearly distinguishes us from the others.

All our efforts and projects have been realized thanks to you, our members and partners. Your trust means a lot, because over the past few years together we have “awakened” a “sleeping” system. Due to this fact, we will continue and will always provide you with the best conditions and service with visible results.

Eco Partners Bulgaria AD has always complied with the laws and regulations in force on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union. This is the reason why we stand up for our rights by all possible means in order to continue to offer you innovative, efficient and cost-effective solutions, as well as improved systems for the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste.

Together we can do more!

With respect!