Eco Partners App – the digital assistant in separate collection

Recycling is only possible if the waste is collected separately – and correctly! As easy as it may sound in theory, separate collection of packaging waste is still a challenge for our society that we should not underestimate. But our work is focused on tackling this challenge!

We have created a mobile application that will make it as easy as possible for citizens to collect separately. Introducing the Eco Partners App – a project our organization has developed to fill the gaps in awareness and understanding of separate packaging waste collection, while modernizing, digitizing and making the process exciting enough to engage and sustain attention.

With the Eco Partners App we give you information about the different types of packaging and how and where it is proper to dispose of them. And we give it in an interesting innovative way – after you scan the barcode of the package. In addition, in the application the user can see on a map all our yellow and green containers for separate collection of packaging waste in our municipalities and find the nearest ones. Thus, in an accessible and fascinating way, each consumer will have the knowledge of proper separate waste collection. In the application you can very quickly and easily send us signals related to our containers.

The main functions of the Eco Partners App are:


When scanning the barcode on any package, in the application you will receive information about the material of the package and whether it can be disposed of in any of the colored containers of Eco Partners – and if possible in which container.


To be even more useful for its users, the application uses the location of the device from which it is used to calculate where the nearest Eco Partners container can be found. In addition, it is quite easy to report any issues with our containers.


Awareness-raising is at the heart of the app, so a short educational guide is available for each user to remind them what can and can’t be disposed of in colored containers, what steps to take before disposing of a package and where.

And because every start is difficult without a little help from a friend, our team invites you to become an even more active part of the challenge, helping us to add as many products as possible in the barcode database, embarking on a crazy scan-race.

On November 2, we are launching a one-month campaign to collect as many product barcodes as possible in the application’s database, in which we will be handing out great prizes!

Add barcodes, and we will thank you with many prizes that you can even choose from for yourself!

The great prizes you will be able to participate in are provided by our partners:

Bioderma, Banditto Headwear, Storytel and Ozone.

The game is so catchy and the prizes are so cool that you will want to add more and more barcodes!

Download our app for free from Google Play and App Store.

Let’s develop together this tool for a cleaner environment, which will be easy and pleasant for all of us to use. Be our eco-partners!

See the full campaign rules and all the prizes you can win here.