Eco Partners with its first large-scale investment in intelligent separate waste collection

Friends, if you follow our activity, you know that we are constantly trying to improve the quality of our services for businesses and residents of municipalities. Part of achieving our goals is to look for and identify potential new opportunities for this, relying on innovative technological solutions created specifically for this purpose, or creating our own.

Observing for several years the main needs and problems of the residents related to separate collection of packaging waste and taking example in the management of separate collection systems from some of the European leading municipalities in the quality of services in the field, we proceed to a new “smarter” way of work.

Eco Partners has signed a contract for the introduction of a “smart containers” solution. The first large-scale investment of this type will be in the separate collection system we have built in the town of Veliko Tarnovo.

The implementation of the intelligent separate collection system in the town, which is expected to be fully operational early next year, will allow us to continuously monitor in real time the level of filling of containers, their location, the inside temperature, and any cases of relocation, lifting, emptying, which also allows to more effectively counteract attempts at vandalism. After a certain period of time and gathering a sufficient database in the system, we will have ample opportunities to change the routes for serving the containers, which will reduce to a minimum the “empty” courses. We expect this to save us financial, technical and human resources, to minimize the unpleasant views and the difficulties for the residents from overflowing containers and the unnecessary traffic that the service of the vessels creates. Last but not least – it will help reduce harmful emissions into the air.

We believe that modern society offers many technological solutions and their use is the key to improving any activity. The so-called “Smart cities” are the cities of the future, and we are taking the first timid step in that direction. But every long journey starts with the first step, right?