Contest for art from waste materials in Elena

We present to you the first initiative that we support in the municipality of Elena – a contest for art from waste materials. The competition is organized by the City Library of Elena, and Eco Partners motivates the participants in the competition with eco prizes.

Eco-artists from all children’s institutions in the municipality of Elena will take part in the contest. Using waste materials, children will create panels, plastics and any other form of spatial artistic expression with waste for which they feel inspired.

Send your works by May 31 to the city library in Elena or to the children’s department of the library. On June 4 we will award the most impressive artworks.

For us, this contestn will be the first meeting with the children in the municipality of Elena, so we will use the opportunity to present the benefits and rules for separate collection of packaging waste in our new to the municipality two-color system.

Become ambassadors of our motto “I could be”! Breathe new life into waste!