We are collecting plastic bottle caps for better future of Bulgarian children

On October 28 this year, we are supporting the Lazar Radkov Foundation’s Caps for the Future initiative. They are resuming the periodic collection of plastic caps, the proceeds from sale of which will be used to buy a neonatal bedstad for the hospital in Cherven Bryag, which needs one. We will join ensuring logistical support – we will provide containers for the collected caps, arrange for the shipment and purchase of these, and guarantee the recycling of plastic.

We believe that such small steps of people with big hearts can change the world. Here is a quote of Martina and Lazar: “We are doing this because we believe that Bulgaria and the world as a whole, can become a more enjoyable place to live when each of us begins to make daily efforts in that direction.” You are also welcome to participate in this change.

You will find more information in the event as well as on our Facebook page.