Eco Partners turns 1 year old

Today Eco Partners is celebrating its first anniversary.

The first year is always special. For us, this was a time filled with many new challenges. Today, we are proud of having successfully passed the toddler period and have a growing confidence that we are already walking boldly

Many things happened during this year we want to tell you about.

We organized and maintained separate collection systems in 10 municipalities with over 650,000 inhabitants. We try to talk directly to people and respond to all your ideas and suggestions. We rely on everybody of you because only through our joint efforts can we fulfill our mission. We thank all the citizens who called us and wrote to us. This feedback is priceless for us and our work is impossible without you.

Increasingly more companies are choosing us, but the first ones who trusted us will always be special for us. Thank you! We are working and moving forward, aware of our responsibility to you and to nature. As of today, we have already exceeded our members’ 2017 recycling targets.

We have conducted numerous information campaigns, met and talked with children and students, distributed books, encouraged you to think about nature and taught each other how to help it.

We are trying to keep up with the times we live in. We have created a functional and modern customer service system. We are testing new technological solutions that we hope to start implementing soon.

We have supported charity initiatives and are planning to make these an integral part of our business.

However, the most important and most valuable thing we created during our first year of operation is our team – the people without whom none of the above described would have been possible. Today, we have already accrued the capital that will bring future success and which gives us confidence that we will conquer many new peaks in the future.

Happy birthday to us!