Eco Partners are testing a pilot design of smart containers technology

It has been one year since Eco Partners started operating in the municipalities. We are starting the new one with confidence that our systems are functioning at a very good level, but the focus of our future activity is their constant optimization. Our policy is innovation-oriented, because our dynamic technological time provides unlimited opportunities, and we must constantly strive to keep pace with it and reap the benefits.

Eco Partners Bulgaria will participate in pilot tests on the ConnectedBin project funded by the CLIMATE-KIC ACCELERATOR BULGARIA ‘2017 – an EU-supported initiative. The project envisages the development of a product that makes containers “smart” – constantly monitors the level of container occupancy, their location, temperature and more. Special sensors transmit a signal in real time whenever any change in the state of the containers occurs – moving, lifting, emptying, which also allows to counteracts vandalism much more effectively. The data is shared wirelessly via an online system and can be monitored at any time by phone, tablet or computer. The technology allows for monitoring and analyzing multiple and varied information the processing of which will assist companies like ours in optimizing their operations. There will be ample opportunities for changing container service routes, thus minimizing the “empty” courses. This will save money, technical and human resources; it will minimize the unpleasant sights and the hassle of overfull containers and excess traffic that bin service creates; and last but not least, it will help reduce the harmful emissions in the atmosphere.

Like any new technology, this one needs a test period. We have provided our containers to the town of Pernik, which will be equipped with test devices. During the test period, we will monitor and analyze the data, and support the project team with ideas. We thank our partners for having chosen us, because the benefits of being able to monitor the development of the product and assisting with suggestions for its improvement is a great opportunity and we believe that our cooperation will be useful.

The future is today

Eco Partners and ConnectedBin (Project of Climate-KIC Accelerator Bulgaria 2017)