iCard and Eco Partners for the perfect gift

Dear friends, we know from experience that one of the best gifts is a GiftCard – it gives its holder complete freedom to gift himself exactly what will please him the most. But we also know from experience that even this small gift has an impact on the environment.

iCard, the creators of GiftCard, as well as many other interesting payment services and tools, have thought of this small problem when creating the Eco GiftCard. Eco GiftCard is much more than a gift card. The company uses 75% recycled PVC material in this product, and in addition, every purchased Eco GiftCard supports WWF Bulgaria’s wildlife conservation activities.

And if that’s not enough to describe how eco-friendly the Eco GiftCard is, we give you one more reason.


iCard and Eco Partners are launching a campaign to collect and recycle used Eco GiftCards.


Return an Eco GiftCard for recycling at an iCard / GiftCard front office between 10 and 30 October 2022 and get a promo code for 100% discount when ordering an Eco GiftCard from www.giftcards.eu until the end of the year.

Eco Partners will recycle all Eco GiftCards returned by you, and you will be able to give yourself a gift with exceptional care for the environment.

iCard and Eco Partners for an even more perfect gift!

See everything about the campaign in the link: Eco GiftCard – recycle and win | GiftCards.eu