Eco Partner photo and video contest

On the occasion of World Environment Day, June 5, we launch a competition to provoke you to be our true eco-partners!

You may be most concerned about the quality of the air, and you may care about the cleanliness of rivers and seas, or else you are worried about how organisms live in polluted soil, or are tired of seeing debris scattered everywhere?

The state of the environment affects our health and lives, this is where we live.

Show us a photo or video of how you contribute to protecting environment.

And we will appreciate your dedication and concern by rewarding the most interesting, original, and most beautiful photos and videos.

• The authors of 12 winning photos and 3 videos will receive cash prizes of BGN 100, as well as material gifts from Eco Partners. We will include the photos in our 2019 calendar, so that more people can see your works which will inspire them every day for eco-deeds.

• We will also select 10 more authors of photos and videos who will be appreciated on account of being our worthy partners by giving them consoling fresh kits with our name on.

There are also some conditions for participation:

1. It doesn’t matter what age you are

2. Nice photos and videos are taken when there is enough light. So, it would be best if they were filmed outside during the daytime.

3. The photos must be in JPEG format, and the videos should be up to 1 minute long.

4. Each photo / video should be given:

• a title;

• a brief description of the scene and your motivation to be doing exactly what you are doing, where you are;

• a name, a telephone number to contact the author and location;

Please, send your works by June 1, 2018 to our e-mail

On June 5, 2018, World Environment Day, we will announce the winners on our site and facebook page and will contact them at the address indicated by them. We wish you all of you amusing eco moments both behind and in front of the lenses!