The Eco Enlightener campaign on the National Enlighteners Day enjoyed by the young and the elderly

The Eco Enlightener campaign we ran organized in Varna on the Day of the National Enlighteners brought together children and adults united by their love of knowledge and care for the environment. Varna residents delivered 5 tons of plastic and paper packaging waste and earned nearly 1,000 purchase vouchers from Ciela bookstores.

The atmosphere was really jovial. It was wonderful to see so many people with a positive attitude towards books and waste management. We are glad that many children of all ages came, some of whom with the idea to enrich their school libraries with the help of the vouchers received. A real act of awakening!

All the waste collected will, of course, be recycled and will save us and the environment unnecessary resource extraction, energy consumption and pollution.

We would like to thank everyone who participated, as well as our partners – Ciela bookstores, Varna Port and Varna Municipality.