“Clean and green Blagoevgrad! It depends on us!”

The large-scale cleaning campaign in the municipality of Blagoevgrad – “Clean and green Blagoevgrad! It depends on us!”, unites the people of Blagoevgrad again in a common cause.

The big cleaning will be officially started on May 14 at 10.00.

After a long break, the team of Mayor Ilko Stoyanov is resuming the campaign, and this year it will be under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister for Climate Policy and Minister of Environment and Water Borislav Sandov.

The start will be given by Minister Sandov and Mr. Stoyanov on Narodni Buditeli Square (the space between the buildings of RIM – Blagoevgrad and the former Youth Home), where there will be a tent with the necessary materials for cleaning, as well as gifts provided from Eco Partners.

Tents will also be placed at the beginning of the alley in Bachinovo Park, in front of the main entrance of Hristo Botev Stadium, in the green areas near the dormitories of the American University in Bulgaria, in the Strumsko neighborhoods (opposite Stomi supermarket), “Zapadt” and “Osvobozhdenie” district (in front of Stroitel block), “Gramada” district (in front of the Chinese mall), “Elenovo” district and “Alen Mak” district (in the yard of Pirin Sports Complex).

“Clean and green Blagoevgrad! It depends on us!” is a campaign for separate waste collection, the aim of which is to unite the residents of Blagoevgrad in a common cause, namely the maintenance and transformation of the city into a more pleasant and clean space. Collect waste separately during the campaign.

Blagoevgrad Municipality and Eco Partners provide all the necessary materials for cleaning such as gloves and bags. The collected waste should be exported to the nearest containers for mixed household waste, and the separately collected waste – to the containers for separate collection.

We will also transport the separately collected waste and ensure its recycling.

We call on the citizens of Blagoevgrad to be involved in environmental protection and to actively support the campaign for large-scale cleaning!

All residents of Blagoevgrad, who will join the green campaign, can send photos of the places where they clean, to e-mail: chistizelenblagoevgrad@gmail.com. They will be published on the Facebook page of the Municipality of Blagoevgrad and the website www.blagoevgrad.bg.