A site for separate waste collection starts working in Veliko Tarnovo

The long-awaited site for separate waste collection, which we built together with the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, will start operating today.

As of today, the residents of Veliko Tarnovo and the municipality will be able to hand over separately collected packaging waste from paper, plastic, metal and glass.

With the help of an electronic scale equipped with specialized software developed by us, all visitors to the site will be able to weigh packaging waste separately collected from their household. Providing the batch number of their property, everyone will receive a unique magnetic chip with which they will be able to identify each time they visit the point. The software will accumulate all quantities of separately delivered packaging waste from the respective materials for each respective batch number. On the basis of all submitted quantities of separately collected waste for the year, each household will be able to use a discount from the annual garbage fee.

The site is located in the industrial zone “Dalga Laka”, at 9 B Dalga Laka Street, and residents of Veliko Tarnovo can visit it from Monday to Saturday – from 8:30 to 17:00.

Each user of the software can inquire about the accumulated quantities of separately collected packaging waste delivered to the site by visiting this link.

We are convinced that the incentives that the Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo offers to its residents will significantly improve the awareness and motivation for separate waste collection!