International Danube Day

Upcoming is one of the days we celebrate with joy and care each year, the International Day of the Danube River, June 29th!

This year again we are going to be partners of with Waste Free Oceans, Bulgaria Cap Project and the Danube Region Basin Directorate in as many as 11 coastal clearing events at different locations in the Bulgarian section of the river.

Together we are organizing the largest campaign to clean the Bulgarian Danube bank on the occasion of the river day!

The actions include collection, transportation, waste recovery and wonderful emotions along the banks of our beloved river!

We will become part of an international effort to conserve our common wealth – water and biodiversity in the Danube River Basin. By clearing the banks of the river from debris, we will also prevent them from falling into the Black Sea.

To maximize the effect of the cleanings, we are viewing the water levels and weather forecasts to select the right dates.

Are you ready, Kozloduy? Here, on June 28th (Friday), our first upcoming event will happen!

We will keep you up to date with all the upcoming events! Follow us here!

We are eager to meet you on the banks of our beloved Danube!