Let’s celebrate the International Children’s Day and the World Environment Day with Eco Games

Dear friends, upcoming is the International Children’s Day, June 1st, and the World Environment Day, June 5th. Have you decided how to please the children and contribute to nature conservation? We can offer 2 in 1 for the festive day we are preparing!

On June 4th and 5th we are going to play ECO GAMES with the children in Suhindol and Dolna Oryahovitsa. We will inspire our small eco-partners to continue to care for the environment and we will have a lot of fun! Through play, we will create and consolidate habits for separate disposal of packaging waste and will convey our environmental message to the children in the most accessible way.

Our program is:

  • June 4th, starting 11 a.m. – Suhindol, Central Square
  • June 5th, starting 10 a.m. – Dolna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria Square

  We are eager to meet you there!