Eco Partners Bulgaria AD – a reliable partner of business and municipalities

The Audit Report of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD for 2018 was considered by the Commission for verification of the reports, appointed by the Minister of Environment and Water and by Order № РД-386 of 15.05.2019, confirmed:

Eco Partners Bulgaria AD proved to be reliable partners of the business and the municipalities.

We have fulfilled the obligations provided by Art.9, Para.1 of the Ordinance on Packaging and Packaging Waste (OPPW) for the separate collection and recovery of packaging waste of all our members. We have exceeded our member’s recovery and recycling targets for packaging waste placed on the market by more than 8%, achieving 68.02% of the total quantity for all materials.

The municipalities in which we have developed systems for separate collection of packaging waste are 10: Varna, Blagoevgrad, Pernik, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Svishtov, Suhindol, Polski Trambesh, Breznik, Zemen, and Tran. In 2018, our systems covered 625,301 residents with 2,136 colored containers with a total volume of 3,631,200 liters.

 In our second year of operation, we invested even more money and energy in educational campaigns in our municipalities. The increased environmental awareness and motivation of the citizens are indicated by the increased amount of separately collected packaging waste and the many inquiries we receive on a daily basis. The citizens are our key eco-partner in keeping Bulgaria clean and beautiful.

We did not neglect business as well. We offered affordable tariffs and expert service to our members and have proven to be a reliable partner to new companies with high requirements for the quality of waste management services.

In response to the increasing environmental standards set in the legislation, in 2019, we are going to invest in expanding the systems for separate collection of packaging waste, with new Bulgarian municipalities yet to be reached.

Thanks to all our partners for their trust in us!

 Eco Partners Bulgaria AD