On June 29 we celebrate the International Danube Day

On 29 June, the international day of the Danube river is celebrated.

Since ancient times, the river has played a crucial role in shaping the geopolitical, economic, social and natural-geographical features of most of Europe, flowing through and passing along 10 countries today, collecting its waters from the territories of even more countries, and finally flowing into our beloved Black Sea. The Great Danube River Basin is the Europe’s region with the greatest biodiversity to be protected by the International Commission for the Protection of the Danube River, which is protected by the special Convention for the Protection of the Danube River. The river with its waters is of enormous importance for the development of civilizations since historical times to the present day, being the main navigable channel, a source of irrigation water and satisfying drinking needs with its rich surrounding groundwater and floodplain terraces, as well as providing conditions for diverse forms of tourism. Conservation of the river and the ecosystems in its basin is of great importance.

That is why every year, on this day, we celebrate the significance of the river as a unifier of Europe and the cradle of life on the continent. There are numerous educational events, actions for cleaning the shores of waste, various festivals and other public events.

We, Eco Partners, will celebrate this day with two special events in the Bulgarian section of the Danube, in the towns of Vidin and Svishtov.

On Tuesday, June 26th, in partnership with the Waste Free Oceans and Bulgaria Cap Project Foundations, we will launch the shore cleaning actions, slightly further from the place where the river enters the Bulgarian section. The event starts at 1pm. and will be held at the Baba Vida Fortress in Vidin.

On Wednesday, July 4th, we will celebrate the river day by cleaning the Danube bank near the town of Svishtov. With the support of the Danube River Basin DirectorateSvishtov Municipality and, above all, the citizens, we will clean up the shore in the area “The Monuments”, as well as the park itself.

The river is one of the main sources of waste in the Black Sea. With our actions, we will raise public awareness of water pollution and, of course, contribute to cleaner river and sea waters. We hope that our efforts in these campaigns will be rewarded with a responsible attitude of all people towards the waters of the river even after the actions are over. Dispose of your waste separately so that it does not enter the water body!

You can see photos of the shares held here.