Clean and green Blagoevgrad! It is up to us!

This Saturday, April 6th, the Blagoevgrad Spring Cleaning Campaign starts!

The opening at 10:30 a.m. on Macedonia Square will be charged with music and great enthousiasm!

As a partner of the municipality, we, Eco Partners, support this campaign by providing the necessary materials for the cleaning and subsequent disposal and recovery of the waste. Other partners of the initiative are Mr.Bricolage and Metro.

For the cleaning available will be sacks, gloves, brooms and shovels in tents which will be located at the meeting points as follows:

♻️ Elenovo Quarter – outside  Pirin Sports Complex,

♻️ Strumsko Quarter – opposite Stomi shop,

♻️ Gramada Quarter – outside the former Asco Denitsa store

♻️ Osvobojdenie Square and West quarter – in the yard of the former Mechanical Engineering College,

♻️ Macedonia Square

On April 5 (Friday), outside the building of TP Blagoevgrad Forestry State Enterprise distributed will be trees for planting.

The cleanup will continue during the next weekend, April 13th and April 14th! The Municipality of Blagoevgrad has prepared awards for the most active citizens.

Be a good example!

It is up to us to live in clean and beautiful cities!

Keep track of campaign information here and here.