Awarded in the Eco Partner contest are:

We thank everyone who participated in the Eco Partner Photo and Video Contest. The photos and videos you sent us are inspiring! We are glad that you have a responsible attitude towards the environment and we congratulate you on the creativity with which you have presented it visually.

We are pleased to announce the award winning authors in the two categories as follows:

Category 1 – Video:

  • Team – Maria Chavdarova, Emilia Mollova, Mutlu Ali, Margarita Petrova, Kardzhali – for the video “The Environmentalist Minute
  • Veselina Baleva, Sofia – for the video “River Cleaning
  • Plamen Dimitrov, Varna – for the video “Rubbish History

Category 2 – Photos:

  • Daniela Raykova, Gorna Oryahovitsa – for the photos “For a greener nature“, “Cap bya cap gives life!”, “For a brighter planet“, “For clean environment“, “Pure nature, good friends!“;
  • Valentina Petkova, Svishtov – for the photos “Water – the source of life” and “Cleaning the shore
  • Maria Plamenova, Sofia – for the photo “We are planting love
  • Maria Chavdarova, Kardzhali – for the photo “Cleanliness is Health
  • Michaela Vodenicharska, Rila – for the photo “The Planet of Trash
  • Ilia Iliev, Kardzhali – for the photo “What you sow, you will reap
  • Katerina Slavova, Blagoevgrad – for the photo “Art created of waste”

 The authors will receive a BGN 100 cash prize as well as a gift set from Eco Partners.

You can see all selected photos and videos here. Additionally awarded with consolation prizes, a set of T-shirt and a hat, will be 10 more authors who also impressed us with their contributions, namely:

  •  Dariya Dimova, Divchovoto
  •  Boryana Georgieva, Svishtov
  •  Bozhidar Panayotov, Varna
  •  Vladimir Ivanov, Blagoevgrad
  •  Presiyan Terziev, Razgrad
  •  Dimitrinka Getova, Pobeda
  •  Plamen Aleksandrov, Sofia
  •  Maya Aleksandrova, Svishtov
  •  Savka Borisova, Breznik
  •  Boyka Kirilova, Blagoevgrad

Thank you for being our eco partners!