MOEW confirmed the fulfilment of our obligations in 2019

The Audit Report of Eco Partners Bulgaria AD for 2019 was considered by the Commission for verification of the reports, appointed by the Minister of Environment and Water and by Order № РД-351 of 04.05.2020, we again received recognition for a job well done.

We have exceeded our members’ recovery and recycling targets for packaging waste placed on the market by more than 2%, achieving 62,75% of the total quantity for all materials, given a required minimum of 60 %. With clear and competitive conditions, with expert service and highly professional attitude we kept all the current member companies of the organization and attracted new ones from different sectors.

Following the amendments of the Ordinance on Packaging and Packaging Waste (OPPW) that entered into force as of 01.01.2020, we made the separate collection and recycling of packaging waste in our municipalities easier and more effective, by placing around 400 new colored containers.

The communication with residents of the serviced municipalities continue to be of utmost importance to us. In 2019 again we put in a lot of effort and financial resource in raising environmental awareness, by holding various campaigns that engaged children and adults. Games, lectures, sport activities, clean-up campaigns, visits of waste treatment infrastructure are only a fraction of the ways we conveyed our knowledge and message, and by which we hope we have contributed to higher motivation for separate collection of packaging waste.

Thank you to all our partners, with whom we will continue to work during 2020 for our positive growth and for the development of the built systems for separate collection, in favor of business and society.

Eco Partners Bulgaria AD