We launch “Eco School” campaign

This year, due to the measures related to Covid-19, the educational process underwent many changes and had to quickly adapt to working remotely. The conduct of educational activities in schools and kindergartens by outsiders is limited. Fortunately, education is being modernized and adapted to new working conditions, starting to use more and more different virtual platforms and formats that allow knowledge to reach students more easily and without the physical presence of the teacher in front of students.

However, in addition to the unforeseen environment that the new virus has created in healthcare and education, we must not forget about the environmental problems that surround us. The accumulation of waste, especially after the sharp increase in the use of disposable hygiene materials, is unfortunately one of them, and environmental education is increasingly necessary and relevant.

We present you the “Eco School” campaign!

We, Eco Partners, together with all the municipalities we serve, conduct an educational campaign “Eco School”. Through video lessons that we have developed, students and children in the last groups of the kindergarten will gain knowledge about waste. The municipalities will distribute to all schools and kindergartens in the settlements our educational video lessons, thus together we will participate in building a more aware and environmentally responsible young civil society. The best thing is that students will receive the knowledge we have prepared especially for them, despite all the limitations!

Why and how to dispose of packaging waste separately, what happens to waste after it is collected separately, what can it become after it is recycled, and how can we use less disposable packaging are the questions, to which the children will receive answers from the video lessons of Eco Partners.

With this campaign, which will reach tens of thousands of Bulgarian children, we will also, together with our municipalities, celebrate the European Week for Waste Reduction!

Environmental education is our priority. Every year we conduct educational campaigns in the municipalities where we work. We are increasingly relying on alternative methods of knowledge transfer and motivating the population to protect the environment. See our other current activities on our website and our Facebook page.