Cookie policy

Cookie policy

How we use Cookies

When you visit this website, you may find that different types of cookies are being generated. We use three types of cookies: “Session cookies”, which are automatically deleted after each session. “Persistent cookies”, which are retained throughout repeated visits to the website. “Third-party cookies”, which are used by our partner websites embedded on our site or to which we have provided links.

Session Cookies

They allow you to perform important functions on the website, such as saving a recurring form field within a single browser session. Furthermore, they help to reduce the need for information transfer to the Internet. They are not stored on your computer and are deleted when you end your browser session.

Persistent Cookies

They allow us to identify returning anonymous users on our website. By comparing with an anonymous randomly generated identifier, specific browsing information can be recorded, such as how you reached the site, what pages you viewed, what options you selected, and where you went via this website. Tracking such information allows us to make improvements to the website, including troubleshooting and expanding the contents. We use Google Analytics to analyze statistics of use, browser routes and interactions on our websites. We do not record any personal information as part of this process.

Third-Party Cookies

When you visit our site, you may notice third-party cookies. If you continue to a webpage that has embedded content, such as Facebook or YouTube, you may receive cookies from those websites. We do not control the generation of such cookies and that’s why we advise you to seek information on them and how to manage them on the websites of the third parties concerned.