Rila national park day

24 February, 2021,

Rila national park is the biggest of the three national parks in Bulgaria. It is designated on February 24, 1992. It covers an area of over 81 046 hectares of the central highest parts of Rila mountain. The national park status is established with the goal of protection of complexes of self-regulating ecosystems  with their natural biodiversity and habitats of rare and endangered species and communities, characteristic and remarkable landscape and objects of the non-living nature which have global significance for science and culture. Some of the longest and most water-abundant rivers of the Balkan peninsula start from the park's territory - Maritsa, Iskar, Mesta. The park extends from 800 to 2925 m in altitude and on its territory are found more than 120 natural lakes, most of them of glacial origin.

Four Bulgarian reserves are situated on Rila national park's territory - "Parangalitsa", "Central Rila reserve", "Ibar" and "Skakavitsa". Rila national park is one of the biggest protected natural areas in Europe. "Parangalitsa" reserve is part of the global network of biosphere reserves under the UNESCO "Man and Biosphere" Programme.

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