Plastic Bag Free Day

3 юли, 2021,

On the 3rd of July 2009 for the first time the International Plastic Bag Free Day is celebrated. Celebrating this was settled by a couple of organizations fighting to limit and ban single use plastic objects, including plastic bags. This day is a global initiative that aims to eradicate single use plastic bags from our lives.

Plastic bags are all around us, making our lives easier, also being cheap. But while they are used for an average of 25 minutes, it takes more than 200 years for their decomposing in nature. The consequences of their broad use are tragic for the environment. Non-properly disposed of or getting in nature, they cause suffering and death to many animals. More and more countries in the world are banning the use of plastic bags.

Plastic bags have readily available and affordable alternatives for multiple use and using some of them - e.g. textile bags, will save a lot of damage to environment.

See more about the initiative here.